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Interactive partition SMART-i-WALL®

This comprehensive solution that has been developed and patented by LIKO-S, turns simple office partitions into a working tool, and helps to enhance the ambience in any workspace.



With the simple click of a button, transform your transparent glass wall opaque.


On your opaque glass wall, project your favorite images, videos, or presentations in Full HD.


Immerse yourself in your ambience without traditional speakers. SMART-i-WALL® allows special audio transmission where the whole surface of the wall is your speaker.


Consider your glass wall a large tablet. Manipulate your presentations, browse websites, and take notes using your favorite notes application, all with the gesturing of your fingers.

SMART-i-WALL® is sold as a complete solution that can be confi gured for your needs.

  • LIKOform System
  • LIKO-Glass
  • Image Calibration Technology
  • CPU
    (Windows based)
  • Projector
  • Audio Components
  • Integrated Control Panel
  • SMART-i-WALL® Application (Coming Soon)

Interactive surface

  • Maximum dimension
    • OMEGA 3000 x 1750mm
    • MICRA – unlimited (vertical glass panels)
  • Anti-smudge/anti-glare
  • LICT (Laser Image Calibration Technology)
    • Multi-touch (10 touch points)
    • Finger or stylus detection
    • Simple/natural gestures
    • Automatic Calibration
    • Accuracy +/- 1 pixel
    • Refresh rate 120fps
    • Requires Windows 7 or Higher

Image attributes

  • 16:9 ratio
  • Full HD, 1080p, 1920 X 1080
  • Ceiling mounted, rear or front projection
  • Minimum 3000 lumens
  • Throw distance between 750 – 2500mm

Audio components

  • 2+ high powered full range transducers
  • 40 Watts
  • 120W Class T Amplifier

Privacy/transparency mode

  • Remote/switch control (panel)
  • Milky, grey, or black color option
    5% transparency – off
    85% transparency – on
  • 2-10 ms switching speed

Compatible LIKOFORM systems


Configuration packages

SMART-i-WALL® is offered in three main configurations

Basic configuration

Extended configuration

Basic configuration


  • LIKO-Glass application without sound and interactivity


  • LIKO-Glass application
  • Rear Projection
  • Sound


  • LIKO-Glass application
  • Rear projection
  • Ambient Sound
  • Interactivity

Extended configuration


  • Front Projection
  • Added privacy layer
  • Lumens above 5000 ANSI


  • Ambient Sound HQ (Increased transducers)
  • Improved acoustics

Are you interested or want to know more?


You might be interested.

Can LIKO-S supply only the (smart) glass?

Smart-i-Wall® consists of several combined components to accomplish its complexed features. LIKO-S Digital Blinds is only one component which is available independently via our LIKO-Glassline of products. Non-switchable projection glass are also available.

What components or devices will the user need to prepare or purchase to be able to setup Smart-i-Wall®?

Smart-i-Wall® is offered as a complete solution. All components and devices needed to accomplished the features are offered as options. Users may opt to customize their configuration based on specific needs.

Can Smart-i-Wall® be integrated into my current infrastructure or with my existing device?

Yes, Smart-i-Wall® is developed to be integrated into any existing network and maintain your standards and protocol. Smart-i-Wall® runs on a Windows based operating system and any device can be connect via USB, HDMI, VGA, DVI, or wirelessly. Apple’s operating systems are also compatible (but without Interactivity).

What is the maximum size of the Smart-i-Wall®?

Smart-i-Wall® is available in 2 standard sized with ratio 16:9 within our Omega system, 3000x1150mm and 2000x1150mm (interactive/image size). However, Smart-i-Wall® is designed to be configured for each user and their specific needs. All unstandardized request can be processed by our technical team.

What are the differences between the LIKOform wall systems?

The LIKOform system, Omega, is a framed partition that can accommodate both solid and glass elements. The LIKOform system, Micra, is a single or double glazed frameless partition. Both systems are host to Smart-i-Wall® which gives designers and architect a broad base for design.

Is Smart-i-Wall® mobile or moveable?

While it is possible to disassemble and relocate the wall, Smart-i-Wall® is design and configured for long-term positioning and is not considered mobile.

Is an internet connection mandatory?

Smart-i-Wall® can be used as a local device offline or without an internet connection; however, with an internet connection, users are able to explore and enjoy many more capabilities and feature, such as the web based Smart-i-Wall Application.

How is the transparency turned on and off?

Smart-i-Wall® can be configured the toggle the digital blinds on or off via a switch, remote, or smartphone app. As an option, non-switchable projection glass are available.

How often does Smart-i-Wall® needs to be calibrated?

Smart-i-Wall® calibration is automatic, and is only needed once at the initial setup. Compared to most interactive boards that uses a manual calibration process, and needs to be recalibrated frequently.

What is the source of the image?

The image displayed on the interactive surface is a projected image either from the rear or front. The standard installation with a rear projection. The position and location of the projector varies by project and limitations of space. Our standard solution offer a minimum 2000mm wide image, from 1000mm up to 3000mm.

What Can I do with Smart-i-Wall®?

Smart-i-Wall® is offered as a turnkey solution for any space that requires a multimedia platform. Users are able to customize Smart-i-Wall® for their specific space and uses. With the included web based application, users are able to browse the web, manipulate local content, stream live TV, annotate, and many more. Smart-i-Wall® is ideal for any space include but not limited to commercial, residential, or industrial.

What do you mean by “sound without speakers”?

With the use of special transducing techniques, we are able to eliminate the use of traditional speakers and use the surface of the glass to emit sound. The results are truly unique and natural compared to traditional 5.1 or even 7.1 surround sound.

How much does Smart-i-Wall® cost?

Consider your purchases when furnishing an office or a room. Smart-i-Wall® is directly competitive to interactive boards, or TVs. Given that the features and functionality outweighs that of the competitive products. Furthermore, with the installation of Smart-i-Wall®, there is no need for these additional purchases.